I was too drunk from my feelings.
—  Park ShiHoo in “Cheongdamdong Alice”

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A person may lie with his mouth. But he can’t lie with his eyes.
—  line in “Dating Agency; Cyrano”

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Just because he’s a good person doesn’t mean you marry him. Marriage is something you do with the person you love.
—  Ki Tae Young in “Creating Destiny”

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Even a single person can change the world. Make the impossible, possible. Break the shackles of old values and discover a new common sense.
—  Oguri Shun in “Rich Man, Poor Woman”

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Listen carefully, you punk. Until the day I die, whether you’re my friend or not, I’m going to stop you from doing anything that will get you thrown into prison. I’m not sure about other things, but I will keep this promise unconditionally.
—  Kim WooBin in “School 2013”

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